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How to stretch yourself in 

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Extended Reading Suggestions:

Places to visit:
- Bletchley Park
- Science Museums
- Greece: home of many famous mathematicians

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Enrichment on the Web:

Games and Puzzle


Logic puzzles 

Written puzzles 

Wooden puzzles 

Shape-fitting puzzles 



 Puzzle Club to be started  

  • The Number Devil- Hans Magnus Enzebsberger


  • Fermat’s Last Theorem- Simon Singh


  • The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets- Simon Singh


  • Flatland- Edwin Abbott


  • Coincidence, Chaos and all that Math Jazz- Edward B Burger & Michael Starbird


  • Imagining Numbers- Barry Mazor


  • The Musical of Primes- Marcus de Sautoy


  • The Man who Loved only Numbers- Paul Hoffman


  • Humble Pi: A Comedy of Maths Errors- Matt Parler


  • 17 Equations that Changed the World- Ian Steward


In school opportunities include: UKMT, IMC, TMC, Challenges and team competitions, ASMP (Advanced Maths Support Programme), Tuesday Drop-in sessions (Electronics) 

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