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How to stretch yourself in 

Reichstag Building

Games and quizzes:

In  School opportunities:

Onatti Theatre Company Visit
BERLIN School Trip!


 - Oxford German Olympiad

 - Anthea Bell Translation Prize

What to watch:

Netflix has several German language series and films. Recommended titles include:- 

 - The Billion Dollar Code 

 - Unorthodox 

 - Oktoberfest 

 - Charité 

 - Deutschland ‘89

Links to other Subjects:

- Other MFLs

- History (Divided Germany and the fall of the wall).

- Geography (Different areas, speaking and tourism).

Places to visit:

Extended Reading:


- Dual Language Readers
- Easy Readers (German Dept)
- German Fairy Tales
- Mary Glasgow Magazines


Additionally, some film recommendations include: 

 - Der grosse Traum 

 - Mondscheinkinder 

 - Nordwand 

 - Ostwind 

 - The Tunnel 

 - Die Wolke 

- Das Wunder von Bern

External Reading Suggestions:

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