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How to stretch yourself in 

Extended Reading

1) Doughnut Economics - Kate



2) The Undercover Economist –

    Tim Harford 


3) Freakonomics by Steven D.            Levitt and Stephen J.

,   Dubner 


4) The Armchair Economist –             Steven E. Landsburg 


5) Animal Spirits - Akerlof and          Shiller 


6) The Bottom Billion - Paul                Collier 


To stay informed you could keep a weekly news roundup like the one below!

Tim Harford

Tim Harford is an economic journalist who writes for the Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph.  He also presents a radio 4 programme called ‘More or Less’. Listen, read or watch the following:

Weekly Quiz

Places to visit

London – Bank of England Museum

London – The financial district, The Royal Exchange.

Follow the Economists’ walk around Bloomsbury in London

External Competitions

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